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Aarhus Centre Uralsk

The Aarhus Centre in Uralsk works on the improvement of the environmental situation in the West Kazakhstan region.

The Aarhus Centre contributes to the implementation of the Convention through a variety of activities, including:

- Development of a project to improve the environmental situation in the West Kazakhstan region “300 lakes: cleaning and reviving the ecosystems of water bodies of the West Kazakhstan region”;
- Participation in the project to produce sero-polymers and building and road materials from industrial waste.

Centre facts and figures

Year of establishment
Hosted by
Public Association "Ural Aarhus Center Green Zhaik"
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Aarhus Centre Uralsk

Office of the Aarhus Centre Uralsk

Uralsk City
D. Nurpeisov st. 12/1
Office 5

OSCE Secretariat

Wallerstrasse 6
1010 Vienna