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Aarhus Centre Burabay

The Aarhus Centre Burabay supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Burabay and the Akmola Province, in Northern Kazakhstan.

The activities of the Aarhus Centre of Burabay are aimed at organizing conditions for public access to information, participation in decision-making and access to justice.

The Centre will achieve the above-mentioned by assisting in the development of regulations, implementation of social and educational projects and charity. The mission of the Aarhus Centre of Burabay is to promote respect for the rights of citizens, ensure public access to environmental information, participation in decision-making on climate change and sustainable use of natural resources, gender equality and access to justice in matters relating to the environment.

Our goals for the year of 2016 involved:

  • Assisting public bodies in the elaboration and implementation of measures and action plans aimed at ensuring compliance with the provisions and rules of the Aarhus Convention;
  • Achieving the status of an international community center, providing access to environmental information and decision-making on environmental issues;
  • Implementing projects that improve the quality of life of women and socially vulnerable groups.


Centre facts and figures

Year of establishment
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Public fund “Aaarhus centre of Burabay”
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Aarhus Centre Burabay

Liudmila Lvova

President of the Fund

Yekaterina Nikiforova

Finance Director

Office of Aarhus Centre Burabay

76 Borovskaya St, office f.57, Akmola region

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Wallerstrasse 6
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