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Aarhus Centre Astana

Opened in 2020, the Aarhus Centre in Astana contributes to the implementation of the Convention through a variety of projects and activities.

By implementing a variety of activities, the Aarhus Centre in Astana contributes to the everyday achievement of good environmental governance in the region.

In particular, the Aarhus Centre is involved in the following:

- The portal “Interactive Map for Public Environmental Monitoring” allows people to familiarize themselves with materials on the impact of large enterprises on the environment, learn about environmental problems in any region of the country and on the measures taken by the Government of Kazakhstan, central and local executive bodies to eliminate them. There is also the opportunity to file a complaint about the actions or omissions of the authorities to solve certain environmental problems of the city, village or region. Link to the map:

- Monitoring group visits are carried out for public control of local environmental problems in the regions of Kazakhstan. During 2019, the Centre visited 5 regions of Kazakhstan in order to attract the public to the environmental problems of the country. Within the framework of Monitoring, violations of the environmental legislation in the Republic of Kazakhstan are detected and transferred to state bodies for solving problems.

- Conducting a green rating of enterprises in Kazakhstan: the rating reflects the resource and energy efficiency of companies, their ability to minimize the negative impact of production on the environment, as well as the transparency of the business of companies that disclose their environmental reports and information on energy consumption.

- Participation in the improvement of the environmental Code: 7 round tables were held to discuss the Environmental Legislation and write the Concept of the Environmental Code that was subsequently passed on to the Authorized Body. Three experts in the field of environmental law were involved.

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Aarhus Centre Astana

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