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Aarhus Centre Kragujevac

The Aarhus Centre Kragujevac supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Central Serbia.

The Centre was formed by experts who have recognized the public need to be informed about basic human rights for a healthy environment, and to influence decision-making at local and national level.

The Aarhus Centre Kragujevac is a civil society organisation (CSO) that facilitates access to environmental information, resilience of communities and disaster risk reduction, greater inclusion of women, youth, disabled and deals with security-related challenges. The Centre is a member of the Network of Aarhus Centres of Serbia, formed with support of OSCE Mission to Serbia and Ministry in charge of environmental protection in 2013.


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Aarhus Centre Kragujevac

Srdjan Matovic

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68/2-2 Tanaska Rajica str.

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