Started in in 2015 thanks to the contribution of the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and EaP Green (Program Promoting green economic development in Eastern Partnership Countries), the project is involving local authorities, environmental consultants, local communities, NGO and the large public to support the implementation of the CEE Protocol on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in Moldova.

In particular, the activities contribute to:

  • Further build institutional capacities and expertise to conduct SEA at the national level;

  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of various national authorities in the SEA System;

  • Provide recommendations for the environmental optimization of the National Green Economy Action Plan for the Republic of Moldova;

  • Support the elaboration of guidelines for the implementation of the draft Law on SEA.

By doing so, the project successfully contributed to the development and implementation of the campaign to promote the activities of the Program "Promoting" green "economic development in the Eastern Partnership countries (EaP GREEN), in order to strengthen the SEA system in the Republic of Moldova. It also led to the elaboration of the Guide for the implementation of the Draft Law on SEA and the preparation of the concept of stakeholder awareness-raising activities on the SEA system and its benefits, including the promotion in the national media of the UNECE video spot and the UNECE brochure on the benefits of the SEA. Finally yet importantly, the project facilitated public awareness on climate change.

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