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Aarhus Centre Naryn

The Aarhus Centre in Naryn opened in 2019 and is hosted by the University of Central Asia: the Centre mainly deals with environmental legislation and access to justice in environmental matters, youth empowerment, public awareness and sustainable development.

The main goal of the Aarhus Centre in Naryn is to promote the implementation of the Convention at the local level. In particular, the Centre's main activities include:

- Environmental legislation: development of publications on the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of environmental protection; analysis of court cases related to the Aarhus Convention in judicial, executive and supervisory practices;
- Youth empowerment: environmental education of the younger generation;
- Public Awareness: organization of campaigns on raising public awareness on the Aarhus Convention principles; strengthening the implementation of mechanisms and procedures for public participation in decision-making;
- Sustainable Development: conduction of training seminars, educational conferences, thematic trainings on environmental protection;
- Access to justice in environmental matters: raising awareness among the general public about environmental rights in order to participate effectively in addressing environmental issues and sustainable development.

Centre facts and figures

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University of Central Asia
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Aarhus Centre Naryn

Mr. Samat Kalmuratov

Manager of the Aarhus Centre in Naryn

Office of the Aarhus Centre in Naryn

19, S. Zhakypov str.
722900 Naryn Town

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Wallerstrasse 6
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