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Kokshetau Aarhus Centre

The Kokshetau Aarhus Centre supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Kokshetau and the Akmola Province in Kazakhstan.

The mission of the Kokshetau Aarhus Centre is to promote the implementation of the three pillars of the Aarhus Convention in the Akmola Province of Kazakhstan.

The scope of the Centre's activities include:  

  • Awareness-raising and education in the issues of environment protection and green growth;
  • Promotion of access to justice / courts in environmental matters; 
  • Promotion of access to the information on environmental protection;
  • Encouraging public participation in environmental decision-making;
  • Promotion of the regional development program aiming at efficient implementation of the Aarhus Convention.


Centre facts and figures

Year of establishment
Hosted by
Public Fund “Kazakhstan Innovations”
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Kokshetau Aarhus Centre

Mariyam Abisheva

Chair of Kokshetau Aarhus Centre Board

127 Auyelbekov str

OSCE Secretariat

Wallerstrasse 6
1010 Vienna