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Aarhus Centre in Turkmenistan

The Aarhus Centre Turkmenistan supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in the country.

Aarhus Centre in Turkmenistan

The Centre facilitates the free access to environmental information, public participation in environmental decision-making and access to justice on environmental matters.

Apart from including free legal consultations related to environmental rights, the main activities of the Centre comprise:

  • Increasing the level of environmental knowledge of the public and other interested parties with focus on environmental norms and human rights, as well as creating an environmental information database, including national laws on the environment;
  • Producing comprehensive environmental materials to be published in the national mass media;
  • Developing partnerships with the corresponding state and civil society representatives, as well as with the network of Aarhus Centres in other OSCE countries;
  • Promoting the Aarhus Convention among relevant stakeholders;
  • Supporting the implementation of projects of international players, such as the OSCE, UNDP, UNEP, Tempus, World Bank, ADB, IDB and other stakeholders.


Centre facts and figures

Year of establishment
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NGO Tebigy Kuwwat (2003)
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Aarhus Centre in Turkmenistan

Prof. Dr. Nazar Korpeyev

Office of Aarhus Centre Ashgabat

Office of Aarhus Centre Ashgabat

15 Bitarap Turkmenistan Avenue
744000 Ashgabat

OSCE Secretariat

OSCE Secretariat

Wallerstrasse 6
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