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Aarhus Centre Sarajevo

The Aarhus Centre Sarajevo supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in and around Sarajevo, in central Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Aarhus Centre Sarajevo

In Sarajevo, the Centre promotes good environmental governance, through improved access to environmental information, increased public participation in decision-making and strengthened rule of law through access to justice in environmental matters.

The Aarhus Centre Sarajevo has four staff members: a Director, an Administrative and Legal Assistant, a Legal Associate and an IT/Logistics Assistant. In addition, it has a network of experts and volunteers that are engaged on when needs call for their participation to support project implementation. Since 2013, the Aarhus Centre Sarajevo operates as an independent non-governmental organization.


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Aarhus Centre Sarajevo

Sabina Jukan

Coordinator of Aarhus Center Sarajevo
Office of Aarhus Center Sarajevo

Office of Aarhus Center Sarajevo

Behdzeta Mutevelica 39
71000 Sarajevo
Bosnia & Herzegovina

OSCE Secretariat

OSCE Secretariat

Wallerstrasse 6
1010 Vienna