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Aarhus Centre Minsk

The Aarhus Centre Minsk supports and promotes the implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Belarus.

The Aarhus Centre Minsk supports the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus in preparing legislation aimed at consolidating the principles of openness and transparency in environmental decision-making.

The Centre also:

  • facilitates the implementation of other provisions related to the Aarhus Convention;
  • provides consultations for the public, public authorities and the private sector;
  • prepares, together with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, the Aarhus Centre national reports on the implementation of the Aarhus Convention;
  • promotes adherence to the PRTR Protocol and Amendment on GMOs;
  • participates in meetings organized by the Aarhus Convention Secretariat, the OSCE and other international organizations. 


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Aarhus Centre Minsk

Office of Aarhus Centre Minsk

Якубова ул., д. 76
220095, Minsk

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